Choosing a hearing aid can require an understanding of your hearing needs and your budget. There are so many options on the market it can be difficult to know what to look for or even how to choose which is best. The cost of a hearing aid is one of the most important aspects of choosing a hearing aid. These are the top 5 affordable hearing aids that have been changing people’s hearing ability.

  1. Eargo

Eargo is the best inner ear hearing aid. It is one of the least visible earpieces that still provides comfort and sound amplification. It is made of a soft silicone earpiece that goes into the ear canal and is rechargeable with a charge hold for up to a week per charge.1 They cost anywhere from $1,850-$2,950. On the plus side, this company does offer flexible payment plans.

  1. MDHearing Aid

This line of hearing aids ranges from $199.99 for a single hearing aid to $999.99 for the most advanced MDHearing Aid pair. They are listed as the most affordable hearing aid on the market. Their most expensive option has customized sound ability and can be paired with a smart device to adjust. They offer noise reduction technology and a 45-day trial period with a 100% money-back guarantee.

  1. Audicus

A company that is based online is providing customers with an affordable digital and Bluetooth hearing aid. They offer fully digital, directional, and noise-suppressing abilities. Their hearing aids can use rechargeable batteries as well as disposable batteries to power their devices. Audicus offers a low-cost monthly membership that offers new hearing aids every 18 months. A single hearing aid cost starts at $499 to $1,798 for the more advanced hearing aids they offer.

  1. Signia

Although this hearing aid is a techy and fashion-conscious option, they are also very affordable, and they offer a free online hearing test. They offer a wide range of products that can provide high-quality hearing aids. The company also has a telehealth app connection to provide remote assistance for tuning and troubleshooting.2 The cost for these tech-forward devices ranges from $1,349 to $1,800.

  1. Phonak

Phonak is known for its budget-friendly model. It also has a subscription that reduces upfront costs and provides ways to assist you in making sure your hearing aid meets your needs. They are rechargeable and Bluetooth enabled. 3 You do not have to change the battery or recharge overnight. Phonak’s replaces the unit every three to four months as part of their subscription. If you are a veteran, Phonak is contracted with the veteran’s administration, and they can assist you in obtaining the right hearing aid for you.

Final Thought

There is a hearing aid to fit everyone’s financial and hearing needs. Cost and quality are important when choosing the right hearing aid for you. There are numerous models on the market to choose from. Many of these companies have one or more models that range to fit your hearing condition’s severity. Discuss your options with your provider and decide which is going to be your hearing savior.

Published On: March 16th, 2021 / Categories: Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Senior Products /

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